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V: 5800
Last Class (Pirate + Oriental Assassin)🔝
Opend : Soon

Max Level: 140.🔝

2 Reb & Reincarnation. 🔁

Hard Server ⚖️

Max Plus (+12)💎

Original Events and Wars.

Dis City.
Elite PK Tournament
Couple PK Tournament.
Team PK Tournament.
Weekly PK War.
Capture the Flag Contest.
Guild War.
Extreme PK Tournament.
Skill Team PK Tournament.
Team Qualifier.
Power Arena.
Class PK War.
Horse Racing.
Monthly PK War.
and more events. 💡

❇️Poker& Vote System& Online Points❇️

New Players Prizes:🎁
Full Super stuff +3 (B)

Note: The server will be very, very, very difficult. If you do not like the feeling of having fun while playing and collecting things, then this server is not for you, you will not be able to deal with it. 🤝

Warrior Skills

  • Immense Strength
  • Strong Defense
  • Ability to use heavy weapons
  • High resistance to physical strikes

Warriors can level up and evolve throughout their journey in the game, and based on player choices, they can customize their skills and upgrade their strength, defense, and abilities in battles.

If you love challenges and adventure, try playing as the Warrior character in Clash Conquer Online today!

Ninja Skills

  • Stealth and agility
  • Deadly precision in combat
  • Proficiency in martial arts
  • Expertise in throwing weapons

Ninjas can vanish into the shadows, making them elusive and difficult to detect. They can also lay traps and use smoke bombs to confuse and disorient their foes before striking with lethal force.

Master the art of stealth and become a formidable force on the battlefield as a Ninja in Clash Conquer Online!

Taoist Skills

  • Mastery of elemental magic
  • Ability to summon spirits
  • Long-range combat proficiency
  • Supportive spells for allies

Taoists can advance their skills and unlock more powerful spells as they progress in the game. They can specialize in different elemental paths, such as fire, water, or wind, each offering unique abilities and strategies in combat.

Embark on a mystical journey as a Taoist in Clash Conquer Online and wield the forces of nature to dominate the battlefield!

Archer Skills

  • Precision and accuracy with ranged weapons
  • High agility and mobility
  • Ability to inflict critical damage from afar
  • Proficiency in using bows and crossbows

Archers can unleash a barrage of arrows, piercing through enemy defenses and keeping them at bay. They can also employ special arrow techniques, such as explosive arrows or poison-tipped arrows, to debilitate their foes.

Master the art of archery and become a relentless force on the battlefield as an Archer in Clash Conquer Online!

Trojan Skills

  • Unmatched strength and power
  • High endurance and resilience
  • Proficiency in close combat
  • Ability to wield heavy weapons and armor

Trojans can unleash devastating blows with their weapons, crushing through enemy defenses and overpowering their foes. They can also withstand tremendous punishment, making them formidable tanks on the battlefield.

Embrace the power of the Trojan and dominate your enemies with sheer strength and resilience in Clash Conquer Online!

Monk Skills

  • Exceptional agility and dexterity
  • Mastery of martial arts techniques
  • Inner peace and spiritual focus
  • Ability to heal and support allies

Monks harness the power of their mind and body, executing flawless combos and dodging enemy attacks with ease. They can also channel their spiritual energy to heal wounds and provide support to their comrades on the battlefield.

Embrace the path of the Monk and achieve harmony between body and soul in Clash Conquer Online!

Pirate Features

  • Agility and nimbleness on land and sea
  • Expertise in close combat and ranged attacks
  • Ability to navigate treacherous waters and overcome obstacles
  • Proficiency in using pirate-themed skills and techniques

Pirates are versatile fighters, capable of engaging in both melee and ranged combat with equal skill. They can also utilize unique pirate skills, such as grappling hooks and explosive barrels, to gain the upper hand in battle.

Embark on a high-seas adventure as a Pirate and carve out your own legend in Clash Conquer Online!

Server Info

  • Drop : Lottery tickets
  • Lvl : 140
  • CHI + Jiang
  • You will not need to purchase
  • You can get anything just by playing